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Mary Berry is not just a woman of flans and fairy cakes, but also a woman of faith. She has made no secret of the fact that her Christianity has helped her through life's toughest moments.

In this two-part series, at the holiest time in the Christian calendar, Mary explores the roots of her faith through the medium for which she is best known - food. How does Britain eat its way through Easter?

Mary shares her favourite Easter recipes, including hot cross buns, Simnel cake and roast lamb, and learns on this gastronomic adventure how every Christian community and culture, from Russians to Phillipinos to Caribbeans to Italians and Poles, has its own way of commemorating and celebrating this most important festival through food - all religiously and culturally symbolic and distinct.

In episode one, Mary discovers the traditions followed by diverse British families and communities during Lent and Good Friday and the food that brings them together as each prepare for the great Easter celebration. 

These families will join Mary Berry for her Easter feast in the next episode for an uplifting finale.

Mary Berry's Easter Feast, starts Tuesday 15th March, 8pm-9pm, BBC TWO