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Bella Wright
Bella Wright
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‘Freestyle’ cook Bella Wright originally trained as an Actress, Writer and Teacher at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to appear in many commercials, played the lead in Channel5 crime series ‘Hanrahan Investigates’, and received a ‘Best Actress’ nomination at the Milan International Film Festival for her role in feature film ‘Godforsaken’.  

For the past fifteen years Bella has been experimenting with some of the most tasty, nutritious, health-promoting ingredients on the planet; foodstuffs that are now readily available but unknown to most people. Her recipes are Gluten Free, Cow Milk free and low GI, but still totally indulgent, delicious and healthy.   

In 2014 Bella became a guest chef for Sainsbury’s magazine, and her advice on healthy and gluten-free cooking was featured in Prima magazine’s May 2015 issue. Her blog and recipes can be found at 

Bella’s passion for cooking began at the age of 4, helping her grandmother make her famous apple pies.  She loved food and family meal times until aged ten she started to experience abdominal symptoms after eating.  With a determined love of food, Bella had continued to hone her kitchen skills, getting her first job in a pub kitchen, aged 12.  

Eventually, after several years of wrong diagnoses, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition, Coeliac disease, meaning she can’t eat Gluten, and in addition is intolerant to Cows’ Milk.  By the time she was diagnosed, meal times had become far from enjoyable, with Bella eating a different and often bland and boring meal to everyone else.  At first, foods without gluten and cow’s milk were hard to find, but as the choice for people with food intolerances steadily increased, it became easier to experiment with new ingredients. It was at this time Bella decided to create dishes that she could eat but also share with family and friends who would find them as tasty and satisfying as ‘normal’ food, and ‘Bella’s Freestyle Kitchen’ was born.

Bella believes that everyone should be able to enjoy great tasting nutritious food that energizes and promotes overall good health, without the need for dieting.  Even Bella’s friends and family without food intolerances have felt the benefits of eating food that is more natural, and has less sugar.

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