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Mary Gilliatt is the best-selling author of more than 43 books on varied aspects of decoration and design. An acclaimed international interior designer, she has consulted for companies and individuals worldwide. 

Mary began her career winning the celebrated, annual Talent Contest at British Vogue. The prize for this British native was a job with House and Garden. Her talent and good fortune effectively launched a career that today, has earned her recognition as the world’s leading design journalist. She subsequently became a feature writer and editor for the most prominent daily newspapers in London, writing a home design and architecture column for The Times. When the Sunday Telegraph commenced publication, Mary became its first Home Editor and a senior features writer. Assignments took Mary around the world, and she still loves to travel. 

When the Sunday Telegraph asked Mary to design a model home, a project intended to boost circulation, she created a stir. It also established an audience for her designs and the publicity enabled Mary to build a private decorating business, and afford her the flexibility to work and raise three children. 

In 1965 Mary was commissioned to write her first book, English Style, which was simultaneously published in England, France and the USA to great acclaim. She has since written over 43 books including including Mary Gilliatt’s Interior Design Course, Mary Gilliatt’s Complete Room by Room Decorating Guide, Mary Gilliatt’s Great Renovations and Restorations, and Mary Gilliatt’s Home Comforts With Style: A Decorating Guide for Today’s Living.  Mary Gilliatt's Dictionary of Architecture, Furniture and Interior Decoration was published in the US in Autumn 2004. 

In 1979 and 1991-92, Mary had the first television series on interior decorating in the United Kingdom (for ITV) and the United States (for PBS), and was a pioneer of the decorating genre on television. She also appeared in Channel 4’s 2008 documentary Snowdon And Margaret: Inside A Royal Marriage. 

Mary has consulted with several British and American companies on design, including Marks and Spencer, Liberty of London, ICI Paints, and Debenham’s Stores Group in the UK, and Burlington in the U.S. She has originated designs for tableware for Churchills. She created several top-selling border and wallpaper collections and fabric lines for Seabrook, where she is credited for “inventing” faux finish wallpaper. 

Mary has spent many successful years working in the USA, and along with fellow British designer Jane Churchill, Mary has been on the advisory board of the New York School of Design. Now a working grandmother of five, Mary divides her time among the UK, France and the USA. 

Mary's Books
Mary Gilliatt's New Guide to Decorating
This is a comprehensive, creative and practical book. Mary Gilliatt guides you through the whole process of decorating your home so that your ideas and schemes can be translated into rooms that give you pleasure and enjoyment. She draws from her experience as an international interior designer and offers formulas that work while explaining the pitfalls and how to avoid them. The book covers 4 stages from planning and inspiration to finishing touches, equipping you with all the skills and information needed to get the result that you want. It includes before and after pictures as well as step-by step illustrations to fully explain design principles. This is a manageable approach to the challenge of decorating your home to suit your budget, taste, skills and above all, your way of life.