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For more than a century M&S has been our most iconic clothes shop. On the week their 2018 Report is being published, Fiona Phillips investigates why we might be falling out of love with M&S, speaks to former staff from the shop floor to boardroom, and to M&S customers, to see what can be done to restore the store’s fortunes.

To find out what the store needs to do to survive in the modern day, Fiona traces M&S’s rise back to its roots. As well as speaking to former M&S sales staff, Fiona also explores the M&S’s traditions of customer service and the store’s generous employee benefits from free hairdressing to chiropody to dental treatment.

Some of the country’s best marketing brains give their insider account of Marks and Spencer’s retail triumphs and tragedies including the much derided ‘naked woman advert’; seeing off a take-over bid from retail dragon Philip Green; to the scandal of Jeremy Paxman’s underpants.

The Trouble With M&S

Thursday 24th May, 9pm on Channel 5