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When Teens Kill is a four-part crime documentary series for 5STAR, presented by Aaron Roach Bridgeman, which explores the UK’s highest profile teenager convicted of murder or manslaughter. Using a range of testimonies from families, friends, police detectives, lawyers, journalists, and other experts, the series will explore the psychological and behavioural issues which can lead a teenager to take another person’s life. 

In episode 1, Aaron looks into the killing of 21-year-old homeless Romanian man, Razvan Sirbu, who in May 2017, was murdered by a group of youths in the town of Tovil, on the outskirts of Maidstone, Kent.

Razvan came to the UK with hopes and dreams to create a better life for himself, but within 6 months he found himself living rough on the streets and was ambushed by a local gang known as the Tovil Boys.

Defenceless and homeless, he was viciously attacked in a picturesque nature reserve, a place he thought appeared tranquil and safe. Yet armed with a meat cleaver, the group from a nearby council estate approached him, attacked him and then killed him with the use of a heavy wooded object on his skull. Aaron Roach Bridgeman travels to Tovil to find out what drove these local teens to commit such a gruesome and violent attack on a vulnerable Romanian man.

Later in the series Aaron investigates the potential risks of meeting strangers face to face when buying or selling goods on online classified sites, looking at the tragic deaths of Michael Adegbite and Omar Raza who were killed by teenagers they met whilst shopping on the internet. 

When Teens Kill starts Wednesday 27th June, 9pm on 5STAR