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Marc Meltonville creates a 15th Century feast for Channel 4

Marc Meltonville creates a 15th Century feast for Channel 4

Marc Meltonville on ZDF TV Germany

Marc Meltonville on ZDF Germany

Marc Meltonville on The Great Fire, Channel 5

Marc Meltonville - The Great Fire, Channel 5

The One Show Hampton Court special

The One Show Hampton Court special

Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home

Food historian to the Royal Palaces Marc Meltonville features in new series, Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home.In Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home, Suzannah Lipscombe explores how the threat of a grisly, unpleasant death was never far away in a world still mired in the grime and filth of the Medieval period – and how we still live with the legacy of some of these killers today.BBC Four, Tuesday 20th January, 9pm.

Majesty and Mortar: Britain's Great Palaces

Tonight, the first of 3 episodes of 'Majesty and Mortar: Britain's Great Palaces' will air on BBC4 at 9pm. The series will explore the history of the palaces and the people who have lived and worked in them, as well as looking at Historic Royal Palaces work today and how they care for the buildings and collections. Tonight’s episode is titled ‘Towards an Architecture of Majesty’ and features Hampton Court and the Banqueting House, and interview with food historian Marc Meltonville.Majesty and

Time Out meets Marc Meltonville at Kew

Time Out's Alex Plim meets Marc Meltonville, food historian at Historic Royal Palaces to glimpse servant life in Kew Palace’s Georgian Kitchen - Click here for the original video and full story 

Marc Meltonville on 'Jedward's Big Adventure: Hamp

In this double episode adventure all about Hampton Court Jedward interview numerous members of staff throughout the Palace. Look out for an interview with Food Historian Marc Meltonville. 'Jedward's Big Adventure: Hampton Court Palace', Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th January on CBBC at 4:30pm

Marc Meltonville on 'Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Nigh

Back in September, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty visited Hampton Court to admire the Tudor kitchens and talk to Marc Meltonville about Tudor recipes. This visit helped inform and research their own creation, which they develop in the programme - an updated version of an historical dessert. 'Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast', Friday 24th January on Channel 4 at 8pm

Heston's Great British Food

Food Historian Marc Meltonville appears in tonight's episode of the new series, 'Heston's Great British Food'.  Heston Blumenthal visits the historic kitchens at Hampton Court Palace which were restored under Marc's management, and Marc shows Heston a Tudor fish and chips recipe!Tuesday 10th December, 9pm on Channel 4.For more information click here

Heritage Fair and radio CBC interview

Royal Palaces food historian Marc Meltonville is currently touring Canada and the USA giving talks, demos and workshops.  On Sunday 30th June Marc was in Spencerville, Ontario at the annual Heritage Fair where the locals highlight and re-enact what life was like during the Regency period. Marc gave a cooking workshop involving regency recipes and customs - he dropped by the CBC radio studio to talk about the event with DJ Alan Neal.  Click here to listen to the interview.