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In this brand new series Mary Berry is in her kitchen at home cooking her favourite food. With her trademark warmth and common sense, she takes viewers step by step through delicious recipes for everyday and special occasions.

Mary reveals foolproof dishes for Sunday lunch, afternoon tea and weekday suppers. Plus she shares impressive but surprisingly easy recipes for parties and celebrations when there are more mouths to feed. In her calm and capable hands, cooking for guests has never been simpler.

In the opening episode, Mary shows how to host a traditional tea party without any fuss. She shares a clever trick for making sandwiches in advance. She bakes bite-sized scones for a cream tea, and her granddaughters help her make orange butterfly cakes. Mary also visits Britain's only tea plantation in Cornwall to find out how tea is grown.

Mary Berry Cooks, Mondays at 8:30pm on BBC 2 from 3rd March.

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