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Celebrity chefs Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn are set to embark on a culinary food trip along the east coast of America in their new UTV series tracing the historical influence of Ulster-Scots food.

Paul and Nick’s Big American Food Trip charts their journey through the east coast of America, and features tasty recipes inspired by their travels.

“On our travels across the pond, we met some fantastic local people with historical connections to Irish and Scottish immigrants who journeyed to the States back in the 17th century, bringing with them a traditional Ulster-Scots knowledge of food,” Paul said.

“I even uncovered a potential link to my own family heritage, after encountering a gravestone with the same name as my own father on it. And, as always, it was fantastic to share the experience with Nick.”

In the first episode of the new eight-part series, Paul and Nick visit the town of Londonderry in New Hampshire.

Catch Paul and Nick’s Big American Food Trip from Friday 27 February at 8pm on UTV.