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Premier Inn already guarantees a good night's sleep, but the expert in sleep is now becoming an expert in breakfast – with the introduction of its new mouth-watering Premier Inn Purple Sauce.

Crafted with the help of expert chef Ed Baines, Purple Sauce is designed specifically for breakfast and will enhance the hotel chain's breakfast menu and prepare guests for the day ahead when it launches the week commencing 20th July. 

Currently, the breakfast market is dominated by red and brown sauce – but Premier Inn is pioneering the way with its new Purple Sauce, created to complement the smoky tastes of a cooked breakfast and give Premier Inn guests a unique start to the day.

The sauce's base is blackberry, and includes a range of natural ingredients, with no additives – including cracked black pepper, crushed chilies, toasted cumin and smoked salt. Its cleverly crafted flavours mean Purple Sauce goes perfectly with Premier Inn’s British sausages and tasty back bacon, whether on a full English breakfast or a delicious sarnie. The sauce has no artificial colours or flavourings, and the purple is a natural shade that reflects its blackberry base.

Ed Baines commented: "Purple Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a cooked breakfast. Its smoky flavours really work well with meat – particularly pork – and its underlying fruity flavour leaves a delicious aftertaste that leaves you satisfied.

"It's been great working with Premier Inn to help create the sauce. I really believe in Purple Sauce and I hope the public enjoy it."

Keith Hudspith, Head of Food & Beverage for Premier Inn, commented: "We believe that a great day starts with a great night’s sleep, and our breakfasts set you up perfectly for whatever you have planned for the day ahead. Our new limited edition Purple Sauce will make our tasty cooked breakfasts even more delicious. 

"The sauce will be available in all of our hotels and restaurants from July and we really hope it will encourage even more people – whether they’re guests or not, to join us for breakfast to give the Purple Sauce a try."