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In the follow up to her triple e-book on mindfulness, Tara Ward guides readers through the process of Mindful Journaling.

Combining writing and relaxation, Mindful Journaling helps you structure journal entries to clarify your thoughts and feelings, set goals, improve your relationships, harness your inner energy, resolve your problems, and ultimately, a build a record of your life - all while de-stressing and finding peace in the process.

Journaling is a journey leading to self-knowledge. Taking time out to keep a journal is the perfect way to find out who you really are, what goals you should be setting yourself and how to harness your inner energy to get the most from life. The simple act of writing short pieces each day can help you to improve your life dramatically and Mindful Journaling shows you how to structure your entries to help you de-stress, clarify thoughts and feelings, resolve problems, improve relationships and build a record of your life. Not only will journaling increase your sense of happiness, it's also a lot of fun.

Mindful Journaling by Tara Ward, published 15th June 2017 by Arcturus Publishing Ltd, £7.99