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Top chefs and great friends Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn return to UTV on Monday 16th April at 8pm with a new eight part series.  

Paul and Nick’s Big Food Trip New Zealand sees the dynamic duo embarking on a foodie road trip following the trail of the Ulster Scots who travelled and settled in New Zealand.

As the chefs hit the road on yet another culinary venture, they take in the breathtaking vistas and farmlands of New Zealand where they cook fantastic meals for the descendants of the Ulster Scots and Scottish pioneers who helped build this great country.  Their journey takes them the length of the country, from the tropical climate of Auckland in the north, to the more mountainous climes of Dunedin and Queenstown in the south. 

The series kicks off in the Bay of Plenty on the east coast of North Island cooking for descendants of George Vesey Stewart. Originally from Tyrone, Stewart was responsible for enticing dozens of Ulster families to emigrate to New Zealand in the 1870s, building a community around the small town of Katikati. On the menu are avocado, Manuka honey and shorthorn beef, and the chefs get an unwelcome visit in the kitchen from the local Fire Brigade.