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Pierre Koffmann returns to BBC One with a second series of Yes Chef, starting at 4pm on Monday 29th May. 

Hosted by Sheree Murphy, the series will see 16 top chefs mentor home cooks as they do battle in the kitchen. The keen amateurs will be put to the test as they display their talent in the hope of making it to their week’s final. In the weekly ultimate cooking showdowns every Friday, they will meet culinary royalty in the form of revered chef Pierre Koffmann, who will judge their dishes and decide the winner. 

Paul Ainsworth and Theo Randall also return to the show as part of the professional chef line-up.

For the amateurs, it’s a chance to work alongside and learn from the very best in the business. For the professionals, it’s an opportunity to spot raw talent and train their partner in a bid for victory as they put their own pride on the line.

Yes Chef, BBC One, weekdays from Monday 29th May at 4pm