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Paul Gayler's latest book, Burgers, will be published on 31st July 2014, and is available to pre-order now!

The burger’s timeless appeal lies in its simplicity. A well-made burger can transcend the sum of its parts to become truly sublime. Paul Gayler, has turned it into a gourmet treat. Sweeping away the enduring perception of burgers as merely a fast-food staple, Paul allows everyone to bring gourmet cooking into their own kitchen – whether for a sophisticated dinner party or a low-key barbecue.

In Burgers Paul Gayler presents his favourite 25 burger recipes. As well as the expected Ultimate burger with ‘the works’, there’s a wealth of delicious and imaginative offerings such as the Caribbean pork burger, Smoked chicken cobb burger, Tandoori lamb burger, Jumbo prawn burger, and the vegetarian Feta club burger, Southwest red bean burger, Lebanese kibbeh burger - There really is a burger for everyone, along with a great selection of sides recipes at the back of the book.

Burgers by Paul Gayler MBE, £9.99, Jacqui Small 31st July 2014.