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Mellissa Morgan aka Ms Cupcake will be at Veg Fest Brighton on 28th March to present as part of the Health and Nutrition talks area. Mellissa will be on stage at 3pm.  Visit for full details.

'How to Replace Animal Products in your Baking'

Struggling to veganize your favourite baking recipes?  Melllissa will take you through the world of vegan baking substitutions and you’ll learn why you don’t need animal products in any recipe. Bring your recipes along to the session and Mellissa will give you vegan-friendly substitution suggestions on the spot!

She will also give out substitution ideas for classic recipes based on suggestions made on the Ms. Cupcake Twitter and Facebook sites. Additionally, she will also touch on gluten-free treats, and how to steer clear of ‘hidden’ animal products found in many ingredients.