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Chicken & Other Birds: From the perfect roast chicken to Asian-­‐style duck breasts by Paul Gayler MBE
Published by Jacqui Small, 20th August 2015, £25.00

Classic and contemporary chicken dishes, from simple everyday meals to grand dining.

This book brings together over 100 main course dishes that employ the whole range of cooking techniques, and that use the ubiquitous chicken as well as all the less well known birds such as turkey, goose, duck, guinea fowl, poussin, pigeon and quail.

In addition, Chicken and Other Birds offers a visual tour of the birdsm showing their relative sizes and discussing the difference between them, plus a buying guide - what to look for and how much to allow per person - followed by tips on storing and handling uncooked poultry, and step-by-step photos and instructions for preparing a bird before cooking (trussing, French trimming, stuffing and jointing), and for carving or jointing a whole cooked bird.  The final chapter, 'Perfect Sides and Complements' is a round-up of flavoured butters, marinades, rubs and bastes, stuffings and sauces, chutneys and relishes and, last but not least, the perfect gravy.

This beautifully illistrated and comprehensive book is sure to become the classic poultry cookbook that no cook can afford to be without.