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FLAVOURS OF SICILY: Fresh and vibrant recipes from a unique Mediterranean island' is the new cookery book by Ursula Ferrigno, published by Ryland Peters & Small, 12th May 2016, £18.99.

Multiple conquests over the centuries have resulted in Sicily’s extraordinary cultural legacy. It has one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines, thanks to the influences of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish who have each occupied this fertile land. In addition to its unique cultural heritage, volcanic soils kept fertile by mineral-rich ashes, a sub-tropical climate and the nourishing sunshine are the secret ingredients of delicious Sicilian cuisine.

The island’s unique food is bright, earthy and suffused with the intensity of the Sicilian sun. Not surprisingly, many of the typical dishes are made with fish and seafood, with juicy tomatoes; olive oil; sheep’s milk ricotta; black and green olives; wild fennel and cultivated citrus fruits featuring prominently as staple ingredients.

In Flavours of Sicily you’ll discover authentic recipes for the best food Sicily has to offer, starting with antipasti. Choose from Arancini di Riso (risotto balls) or Gustoso Olive Bianche (olive relish). Vibrant salads such as Insalata di Tarocchi (blood orange and red onion salad) are perfect for the summer as are the light soups and pasta dishes including Minestra di Tenerumi (courgette leaf and fresh tomato soup) or Pasta Picchi Pacchi (spaghetti with almond and tomato pesto). Delicious meat and fish recipes include Sarde a Beccaficco (stuffed sardines), and Abbacchio alla Cacciatovia (pan-fried Spring lamb with herb and anchovy sauce). Sicilians are among the best dessert-makers in Italy. Indulge in Pistachio Gelato, Cannoli (pastry tubes filled with sweetened ricotta) and possibly Sicily’s most famous export, Cassata.