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James Martin stars in this brand new food travel series on ITV, journeying through France to the locations that inspired his culinary career and paying homage to his culinary hero Keith Floyd.
Holidaying and studying in France as a teenager, the country was influential in establishing James’ love for food. Hitting the open road on a journey of nostalgia, the new series follows James as he retraces the memorable TV trip his food hero Keith Floyd once took 30 years ago, while also visiting the places that carved his culinary beginnings.
Exploring and sampling the very best in French cuisine, James’ journey starts in Provence and continues onto Perigord, Burgundy, Alsace, Pay Basque and Brittany, all the while stopping to produce his own versions of the iconic dishes he finds on location.
Paying homage to his role model, chef Keith Floyd, James travels the length and breadth of the country in Floyd’s very own Citroen 2CV which he owned for 16 years, as he rediscovers the food and the country closest to his and his old friend’s heart. 
In the first episode, James arrives in Saint-Emilion where he holidayed with his family as a child and started his love affair with food and wine. James visits the hotel and kitchen in Saint-Emilion where he first worked and trained to be chef and also samples and prepares the foods so prominent to the area, including the perfect steak and original macaroons invented in 1620 - always accompanied by his favourite Saint-Emilion wine! 
James Martin's French Adventure, 3pm, weekdays on ITV from 30th January 2017