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Oz Clarke is recognized the world over as one of the leading experts on wine and this new book is an entertaining yet authoritative guide to the world of wine that has grown out of all recognition in the last 20 years. 

The book covers all you need to know about Oz s favourite wines, grapes and top vineyards and wine regions. In his trademark lively and opinionated prose, Oz takes the reader on a 'grand tour' of the great wine regions of the world, explaining the flavours behind different wines and how to find the wine you want, from Vancouver Island in the west to the coast of China in the east. 

He will inspire the reader to be adventurous in his choices of wines to drink and to make the best of the wonderful world of wine. Illustrated with photographs of stunning wine landscapes and detailed, maps of key wine countries and regions, this book illustrates and explains the vital connections between wine and its landscape. 

Fundamental to the understanding of wine is a sense of place knowing which country, which region, which hillside and which vineyard a wine comes from adds enormously to the pleasure of drinking it.

Oz Clarke's World of Wine
Published by Pavilion, October 2017, £30