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Andrea Kon
Andrea Kon
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Andrea Kon is a freelance writer, author, and agony aunt.

She has written for a wide range of national newspapers and magazines for more than 50 years, reporting on issues across the board from medical, to triumph over tragedy, to house and home, travel, and antiques.

Her work includes such diverse titles as TV Times, The Sunday Mirror magazine, Daily Express, Woman, Woman’s Own and Good Housekeeping, as well as Country Homes and Interiors where she edited an antiques column with Antiques Road Show celebrity, John Bly.  

In the mid 1990’s she became an internet Agony Aunt for mature people, working for and for ten years.   

Andrea currently writes regularly for Yours, Readers Digest, The Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, and Friday (Gulf News).

As an author her books include 'This Is My Song' - a biography of Petula Clark; 'How to Survive Bereavement', and 'How to Find Love in Mid-life' - both subjects led by personal experience.  

Andrea is currently writing her first novel, inspired by a visit to The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoya Selo in St Petersburg, and her own Jewish-European heritage.

Married for the second time, and living in north London, Andrea and her husband Peter have two daughters, two sons and six grandchildren between them.