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Kisen studied astanga yoga at the Jagan Mohan Palace in Mysore and co-founded the Life Centre with Godfrey Devereaux. 

As Geri Halliwell's first Yoga Guru, Kisen helped Geri discover a svelte figure, vitality, strength and an inner calm and has also assisted Lulu, Sam Taylor-Wood and Neil Tennant get into fantastic shape. 

Kisen's first book Yoga Pure and Simple was published by Ebury, his video Yoga for Weight Loss was released December 2001 to coincide with publication of the book. 

He has also made a therapeutic relaxation CD, 1000 of which have been distributed to hospitals, hospices and pain management centres throughout the UK.
Kisen's Books
Yoga for Weightloss by Kisen DVD
From the man who helped Geri Halliwell lose weight and firm up her curves during 2001, Kisen takes you through moves that can aid weight loss.