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Val Bradley
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Val Bradley is a freelance garden writer, author, and RHS Trial judge.

Val has been gardening since she could hold a trowel, but only began her career in horticulture after working for three years in a civil service office. The discovery that it was possible to follow a career in gardening was a revelation. 

Since qualifying, she has worked in many aspects of horticulture, including a local authority parks department, and several nurseries and garden centres.  Val has taught gardening at night school and worked at RHS Wisley Garden.  She also answers live phone-in questions on BBC local radio, has written for various magazines and written (or co-written) 12 books, including Town Gardens, Garden Tools and Indoor Plants.
Since 2002, she and husband Steve have been Gardening Correspondents at The Sun newspaper, working with Peter Seabrook to produce the topical gardening page every Saturday, a job that involves liaising with all aspects of the garden industry in order to convey the latest news every week. 
Together, Val and Steve have been commissioned to update the world’s best-selling gardening books, The Expert series, originally written by Dr David Hessayon. In addition, Val helped produce the first-ever Expert Calendar for 2015.
Val is a Judge on one of the RHS Trial Committees and is a strong believer in using social media to communicate with other gardeners all over the world.   Find her on Twitter @valgardening

Val's Books
The Complete Guide to Houseplants
The Complete Guide to Houseplants is the ultimate reference for all devotees of indoor plants, whether they're beginners or more experienced gardeners. The book is arranged into four chapters, plus a Directory of 250 of the best houseplants. Step-by-step photosequences, Tip boxes and pulled out Top Ten boxes complement the main text in the four chapters, while quick-reference icons give the reader key information, at a glance, in the Directory section. Chapter One - Choosing the Right Plants - shows how to select plants that work with the style of your home. Key issues covered include: recognising a healthy houseplant, selecting plants for specific locations and how to choose low-maintenance plants if you are a frequent traveler. Chapter Two - Arranging Houseplants for Maximum Impact - shows how to echo and define the architecture, style and layout of your home with your houseplants. Chapter Three - Plant Aftercare & Maintenace - covers all the routine aspects of plant care to ensure that your houseplants always look their best, plus full guidance on how to recognize and deal with common pests, diseases and disorders. Chapter Four - Making More Houseplants - covers all the major methods of propagating houseplants; techniques are clearly explained in step-by-step photos with accompanying captions. The final, and largest, section of the book is the Directory to 250 of the best houseplants. Fully illustrated throughout with inspiring colour photos, each entry includes: a description of the main features of the plant; suggestions for use; and information on plant care and propagation.