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Victoria Harrison
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Victoria Harrison is an interiors stylist and editor who has been writing about homes and gardens for the past 15 years.

Victoria began writing about, and styling, interiors in 2004 and has built a career as a design journalist since then, contributing to a wide range of consumer magazine and websites, including Real Homes, House Beautiful, the English Home and Ideal Home. Regularly interviewed by the national press, Victoria is always happy to talk about home and garden design and has been quoted everywhere from the Times, and the Telegraph to the Daily Mail and the Sun.

Since 2016 Victoria has also written a regular House Tour column for the Metro newspaper where she gets to showcase some of the quirkiest and most interesting homes around the UK, from houseboats to warehouses and everything in between.

As a stylist Victoria has presented styling and craft videos for a range of clients including Housetohome and Hobbycraft. She was named one of the Top 100 Craft Bloggers of 2014, shortlisted in the Best Craft & DIY blog in category in the Amara Interior Blog Awards in 2015 and 2016, and was named one of the Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers by Novus Homes 2018. Victoria was also named one of the Most Influential People on Twitter by Decorex in 2014.

In 2013 Victoria was appointed the Editor of Houzz in the UK. Since then the website has grown at a rapid pace and as the Editor, Victoria manages the UK and Ireland editorial team, supporting and championing the local design community and commissioning daily content across all aspects of home and garden design.

A keen collaborator and champion of new design talent, Victoria loves to explore how great design can transform real homes. She was on the judging panel of the Evening Standard Home Design Awards 2018, and a guest judge at Grand Designs Live in 2018.

Victoria's first book Happy by Design: How to Create a Home That Boosts Your Health and Happiness, was published in 2018. Victoria wanted to discover if we could actively improve our health and wellbeing simply by the way we designed our living spaces, and if there were any shortcuts to happiness that we could all embrace. The resulting book is packed with tips and ideas on how to design a happy, uplifting home that looks after you from morning to night.

Happy by Design is selling internationally in the US, Canada and Australia, as well as in China, Poland and the Czech Republic. In the US, the book was serialised on the Oprah Winfrey website, and Victoria has been asked to speak on panels and at conferences on the topic of wellness in the home.

A keen gardener, Victoria is passionate about the healing power of nature to boost our mental health and happiness and believes all good home design should have nature, simplicity and wellbeing at its heart.

Victoria Harrison
Writer | Editor | Author of Happy by Design

Victoria's Books
Happy by Design

Happy by Design teaches us how we can actively improve our health and wellbeing through the way we design our living spaces. From the paint colour that's been named the happiest, to the science of getting a good night's sleep, Happy by Design offers bite-sized and affordable design ideas that are accessible to all, from a young renter in an urban apartment to a busy family in their own home.

By quizzing experts from NASA scientists to colour gurus, Victoria Harrison has devised a Happy Home Programme to help everyone transform their living spaces and put wellbeing at the heart of their homes. With fun and easy ideas for each room in the home, the programme is easy to follow and packed with tips and inspiration to help everyone live the happiest life possible.