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Marc Meltonville is a food historian and author, currently based at Historic Royal Palaces.  

Marc was first commissioned to work for Hampton Court in 1991, for the reconstruction of the Tudor Kitchens, and then for the first attempt at using that space for experimental work. 

In 2003 Marc took over the project co-ordination of the Historic Kitchens of Hampton Court Palace and in 2006 an experiment to look at the three centuries of occupation of the Royal kitchens began under Marc’s direction.  Years of research have gone into the new kitchens at the palace and now they are being used to cook Tudor Court food once more.  In 2014 Marc worked to open the King's Chocolate Kitchen, a multi-level interpretation project of Hampton Court, open to the public for the first time in almost 300 years.

After originally training in ceramic history, form and construction, Marc went to work in the media, firstly in advertising and then the writing of children’s books, with 20 books in print to date.  Now he appears on TV and radio as a guest expert, as well as researching historical recipes for other shows and consulting to chefs such as Heston Blumenthal.  

Marc’s television and radio appearances include Tales from the Palaces, Heston Blumenthal’s Perfect Christmas, The Great British Bake Off (BBC2), A Tudor Feast for Christmas (BBC & UKTV Food), The Hidden Palace of Henry VIII (History Channel), If Walls Could Talk (BBC4), When Royals Wed (BBC 1), Sunday Brunch (Channel 4), and Secrets of the Manor House: Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace (PBS Network USA).

More recently Marc has consulted on Time Crashers on Channel 4, and living history series ‘Y Llys’ on Welsh language channel S4C.  He is an on-screen expert in Mary Berry’s Absolute Christmas Favourites on BBC2, Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home on BBC Four, series 2 of Secrets of Great British Castles and The Great Fire for Channel 5, and a series on Lady Jane Grey coming soon to BBC4.

Marc has sought out historic recipes and cooking methods, travelling all over the world in his research.  He has received high praise and is described as having an “encyclopaedic knowledge of food history” by Chef Heston Blumenthal for the work he did on his book, Historic Heston. 

An engaging speaker, once described as ‘Britain’s only stand-up historian’, Marc is regularly invited to host talks in France, Canada and the USA as well as around the UK.  He is a guest contributor for the hugely popular online course ‘‘A History of Royal Food and Feasting’’ launched in June 2016.

Marc's Books
The Tavern Cook: Eighteenth Century Dining through the Recipes of Richard Briggs
Dining in an Eighteenth Century Tavern is the subject of Marc Meltonville’s copious work on the cookery of Richard Briggs. In 1788, Richard Briggs published the ‘English Art of Cookery’ which is, he tells us, ‘A complete guide for all Householders, on a plan entirely new.’ Briggs was for many years the cook at the Globe Tavern, in Fleet Street, London. And in the Eighteenth Century, taverns were not just public houses selling beer; one went to experience fine dining in their restaurants. Contents: Introduction by Marc Meltonville A London Tavern near Fleet Street 18th century dining in the Taverns London in the time of Richard Briggs Richard Briggs, Cook. Briggs’ Introduction to The English Art of Cookery. Guide to recipes, instructions, measurements, and times.
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