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Jo Glanville-Blackburn
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Jo Glanville-Blackburn is a freelance writer and has written for Woman & Home Magazine, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and FT How To Spend It. She also has her own beauty photography/design company: Plum Studio. 

Jo has written 11 books: 'Make the Most of your Eyes', 'Make the Most of Your Lips', 'Timeless Beauty', 'A New You in 21 Days', 'Home Spa: Vitality', 'Home Spa: Relax', 'Blooming Gorgeous - beauty and wellbeing in pregnancy', 'Marvellous Motherhood', 'A Passion For Perfume' and 'A Passion For Lingerie' (2005). Her latest book, 'Spa Bliss', is published by Duncan Baird. 

She has been as a regular beauty expert on the hugely successful Channel 4 show How to Look Good Naked.

Having originally studied Fashion Illustration and Photography, Jo began her career as a freelance illustrator with clients that included Cosmopolitan, the Daily Telegraph, 19, Folio, and various PR clients.  She then moved into styling and writing at Options and SHE magazine before becoming the Beauty Director of Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

While at Good Housekeeping Magazine Jo was one of the presenters of the Good Housekeeping Show broadcast on Granada Breeze.

Jo's Books
Spa Bliss: Heavenly Ideas for Chilling Out
In today's hectic world, we all love a little pampering. We dream of leaving daily stresses and strains behind us and indulging in heavenly spa treatments. However, few of us have the time or the money to visit an actual spa, so we long to recreate the luxury of a spa oasis in our own home. In "Spa Bliss", beauty expert, Jo Glanville-Blackburn reveals her favourite spa secrets, guiding you through spa experiences designed to slot conveniently into a busy lifestyle, and bring calm and serenity into your home.