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Roo Irvine
Roo Irvine
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From a wee antiques shop in a small village in Scotland to the screens of millions of people in a matter of months, Arusha Irvine or ‘Roo’ as she is known, says she didn’t go looking for fame.

Roo was discovered after the Antiques Road Trip visited her antiques store  Kilcreggan Antiques in early 2015 and very shortly after BBC producers invited her to join the BBC team of antiques experts.

7-years on and Roo is now a regular TV expert, and veteran, on shows such as BBC Antiques Road Trip, Flipping Profit, Bargain Hunt and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Recently Roo has also taken on the role as a main presenter for BBC Bargain Hunt - with consummate ease.

Roo has also made numerous guest appearances on BBC Celebrity shows such as Mastermind, House of Games & Pointless. In addition, during the Covid Pandemic, Roo launched her video and podcast channels under the tag #RadioRoo boosting her ever growing social media following.

Roo continues to write on antiques for several publications including Scotland Correspondent and some local monthly magazines.

Other passions for Roo are food, music and fashion.  Viewers know Roo dresses to impress in her eclectic and as she says “sometimes unique fashion”.  But when she is not enjoying dressing up, Roo will be found in the kitchen, cooking up amazing curries for her friends.

Roo lives in a small village in Argyll & Bute in Scotland with her husband and three much adored Maine Coon cats.
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